Ensuring the finest building materials has and always will be an important function at Wilford Engineering Company. The Wilford Engineering Company PPB brand specializes in the design and manufacture of precast pre-stressed components utilized in the local construction industry, from simple domestic application to complex multi-story structures. The precast elements consists of two elements, the pre-stress predalle which is part of a composite roofing system and pre-stressed precast beams used to complement the roofing slab. This system will assist in the completion of any project within a shorter time frame, making any project more environmentally friendly and more economically efficient.

Wilford Engineering Company PPB is capable of producing 300m2 of pre-stressed predalles slabs daily. The pre-stressed predalles consist of a wafer of concrete with pre-stressed wire reinforcement. This can be laid on site using a number of temporary props at specified intervals, without the need of formwork. The system also provides the flexibility of production to any given shape. An in-situ concrete topping is poured providing the advantage of creating a monolithic slab. In addition, the composite slab also normally results in reduced slab thicknesses when compared to a cast in situ slab for a given span due to the enhanced material properties. Furthermore they are fairly light to handle when compared to other precast elements on the market.

Wilford Engineering Company PPB also has the facility to produce pre-stressed and precast concrete beams to replace repetitive series of in-situ beams reducing the costs associated with the installation of formwork on site. Pre-cast stairs can also be produced in a dedicated form providing an element with precise dimensions and rapid site installation. Specific elements can also be produced at the PPB precasting factory to the client’s requirements. The design of the precast elements can be performed by our structural engineer to the client’s requirements.